The Meaning Behind New Eden

New Eden Cosmetics started out as an idea two best friends thought up on a California summer of 2018. There are times God gives us an idea and it is merely a seed that has just been planted. Next is the watering stage, three years after my best friend and I came up with this cosmetic company idea--New Eden was still just an idea. My best friend moved to Australia for school and I stayed in the states. I was a sophomore in college and all my time was spent on school and my career. That definitely got in the way of being able to commit time and energy into the company. 

So how did God resurrect New Eden ?

When God starts a good work in you he will carry it out to completion. Ironically in the year of so much loss, 2020 was also the  year of many blessings. New eden was originally just Eden, but one day as I was reading Ezekiel God revealed a Word to me. 

In the last chapters of Ezekiel we get a “Vision of the New Temple” it is one of the first glimpses of life after Jesus’ second coming. The Garden of Eden used to be the place where God dwelled with us, but God is making a New Eden. The New City will be a place where the Lord is there in every aspect surrounding his people. New Eden signifies a future we can look forward to with faith and courage that the Lord will once again walk beside us.

What does that have to do with a cosmetic line? It’s not about us, but about the most important story ever told. You can be reminded of that every time you wake up in the morning, put on make up and start your day. Just as the word of God is engraved within our hearts, the word will be engraved in the foundation of New Eden cosmetics and the products. 

But again what does that have to do with a cosmetic line? Nothing. It has everything to do with Jesus. 

New Eden cosmetics' purpose will be to glorify God and reaffirm your identity in Christ. To spread the message of Jesus through beauty-- the most perfect image of God on earth... You and me. Only Jesus holds the key to our identity. In Christ we are whole, never lacking, a masterpiece and perfect in God’s sight. 

“And the name of the city from that time on shall be, The Lord Is There.” Ezekiel 48:35 ESV