New Eden Cosmetics started out as an idea two best friends thought up on a California summer of 2018-- God was moving, life was bright, youthful and full of possibilities. Never did they imagine three years later this idea would blossom into a reality. 
Women spend a considerable amount of time staring at ourselves, trying to correct, "look better" and cover parts of ourselves. We bravely imagined a world where the cosmetic products we used reminded us of our worth instead of diminishing it. Society and culture doesn't hold the key to our identity, Jesus does. We are made in Jesus' perfect image and covered by Him.
My wish and hope as you use our products, is that God may fill you with confidence, peace and love. You are the most expensive painting in the museum of life because God created you-- a Masterpiece. As we walk with Christ, we can courageously look forward to a New Eden where The Lord is There. 

“And the name of the city from that time on shall be, The Lord Is There.” Ezekiel 48:35 ESV